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"The Meteor is the only new production amp I sanction. The 6V6 power tubes create a tone in the spirit of Little Walter"

Kim Wilson

"Of all the new production amps, the Meteor is by far my favorite. It has amazing range in tone and ability to throw sound. It never needs to be mic'd"

Mark Hummel

I was in Shreveport, Louisiana playing a benefit for a guy we know that has cancer and can't work for awhile when a local harp player I know named A.J. Casio came up and asked if he could play through my amp when his band came up. I said no problem - be my guest. I listened to A.J. play through the Meteor and it sounded wonderful. A.J. and his bass player both told me after they played that was the best harp amp they had ever heard bar none. I filled them in on the Meteor and where to get one. He used my Shure 440 CM mic and there were no effects pedals on it. Scott, this is the sound. You are dead on with this amp. The only thing you can do better now is give us old worn out harp players a lightweight amp with 25 - 35 watts so we can handle it easier. This would be wonderful for those small gigs where 50 watts is too much and/or where it is difficult to carry a big amp (such as up stairs). I carry a lightweight, but solid luggage cart that collapses down compactly for all the big amps I have owned. That works so great I am amazed guys still struggle with amps. So -- build that next model and call it Bar None.



Just an update. We played a 4 hour gig last Friday night, an afternoon 4 hour gig at the gates of LSU prior to kickoff with Arizona and then packed up and played 4 hours at a little club back in the sticks. I decided to play through "the other channel" the whole weekend. The 1st 2 gigs we played, the crowds enjoyed it (I got 2 people to requested me to teach how to play harp - like I can teach - right). On the 3rd gig, they got busy and we had a great time. The club packed us up to-go boxes filled with mustard potato salad, sweet cole slaw and pork chop sandwiches as a thank you gesture. I got a lot of unsolicited compliments on the tone. Either one of those channels kicks ass. I think the 1st one has a bassman like sound, for lack of better comparison and the meatier channel has its own voice. Wonderful discovery that I can vary the tone according to channels. I am always amazed at what this amp does.

Later brother,

"I play Louisiana Swamp Blues, Delta, Chicago, West Coast Swing, West Coast Jump and every now and then some Zydeco. For the last 12 years, I have played harp out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Smokehouse Porter and the Gutbucket Blues Band. I have owned a lot of amps that work well with harp. I have always had to change out something on them to make them more harp friendly. Speakers, rectifiers, power tubes, preamp swaps and such. When I got the Meteor, I found there wasn't any change I could make that would improve on what Scooter ships out other than to put a Tuki cover on it. If you want your search for a harp amp to end, the Meteor is the best way to go."

Boogieman Skinner
Mobile, AL

I had a chance to hear a couple of numbers by the Alligators last Sat after doing a set at the Blues Festival in Terre Haute,In. The harp player was using one of your amps and the tone and volume just blew me away. I've got a ------------ 6x10 and didn't think anything could match it's volume level-wrong on that one. Your approach sounds very logical and not as complex as the -------------'s rather frustrating (although workable) setup. If I can ever sell some of the odds and ends I certainly wouldn't hesitate investing in such a great piece of equipment! Great work!

Bob Freeze


I couldn't get home fast enough to plug in my new amp and blow some harp. This amp kicks some serious ass! The tone is awesome. The more I played it, the more I liked it. Definitely money well spent. Can't wait to gig with it. Thank you.


I have had my meteor for 8 month's, the amp delivers bags of tone and bags of volume. It works well with most of my mics you can hear a sample of it at work at a concert I did in the UK recently I would recommend one to anybody.

Thanks Scott
Justin Holly

I have owned a Meteor since November of '05. I first heard this amp at a Mark Hummel show. I ordered one the next day. A little history, since this is my first harp-l post. I am 47 and have been playing since I was about 17, seriously playing for about the last 15 years. I gig regularly with a local band called "Black Cat Moan" (blues/rock/originals). I also own a Fender '59 Bassman Re-issue with the Kinder mod and a Silvertone 1481. For mics I use the JT30 crystal ball or the Shure GB. (prefer the crystal ball with this amp). Where to start with the Meteor. You can read the techie stuff on the website and the harmony central review. This amp has tone for days, thick dripping Chicago tone, (that horn-like tone that is so illusive) and cuts like nothing I have ever heard before. When your bandmates are playing Fender super's and Marshall stacks and the sound guy is telling me I am too loud, well, you get the idea! This amp can literally make the floor shake. It did take a bit of time to get this amp dialed in to my style/preference. Even small adjustments to the controls can make a significant difference. Anyway, I don't see how one could ask for much more than the Meteor provides. It sounds great, it is beautiful, it is built like a tank, and Scott is good people. I get compliments on it at every show. (The Fender hasn't been uncovered since I have owned it.)


Hi Scott,

Hope you are keeping well. Completed my sixth gig with the Meteor now and all were different shapes and sizes of pub venues. This amp is a 'Killer' . I can hear every note. I don't have to blow as hard as I used to. I can stand right next to it without any feedback. I get the volume just over 4, Meat 5, tone 4.5, Mid 2-3, Presence 8-9. Diatonic and Chro are excellent. Hand effects by cupping tightly and lifting palm of hand slightly are excellent. I use an Astatic Crystal Balls mic. Have not tried my Turners or CM's and CR's yet. This amp is loud and cuts the mustard. I had my harp playing buddy Lee Sankey play through it at my first gig and he was well impressed. That's it my -------- is now up for sale. I got two more gigs this week and guess what I will be using. ! I have not played it back to back with my Concert and Bassman yet. I have got seven gigs next month so I may mix and match the amps just to see the difference. I'm sure there will be!

Thanks again from a very happy customer.

Tim Corbett